Top Hill Stations Near to Delhi


A tourist destination near to Delhi is Nainital at a distance of 350 km approximately passes through Ghaziabad, Gajraula, Moradabad, Rampur, Bilasapur, and Haldwani. Nainital has different names like “Lake city” of India, Lake Paradise of India or Lake District and it is also known as a best hill resort. The main attraction of the Nainital is Naini Lake which is surrounded by seven hills namely Ayarpata derives from the Ayar tree, Alma got its name from ‘Battle of Alma’, Deopata, Sher-ka-Danda means the ridge of Tiger, Laria Kanta named after a goddess, Handi Bandi signifies ‘echo’. Continue reading


Mauritius – The Island Possessing Big History for Visiting of Tourists


Mauritius is an isolated and a small island, which lets to spend your holiday and make it memorable for your entire life. Various types of gorgeous tropical sceneries and beautiful water bodies awe travelers visiting the place from different parts of the world. This is actually the biggest part of the Mascarene Islands, which refers to the chain including one more popular destination for tourists named as Reunion. Because of its location, Mauritius Island has become a home to different types of cultures. People of local area speak three different languages named as Creole, French and English. Continue reading

Luxury on a Budget Travel Tips for Bali Honeymoon

lovina tour in bali-top places to visit in bali for honeymoon

When it comes to a calm place to visit for a perfect vacation, you cannot ignore the visit to Bali. With thousands of tourists from around the planet admitting the fact that Bali is no doubt the ‘Island of Gods’, this is one of the spots of Earth that every human being have to visit. With the perfect climate, appealing scenery and historic places, Bali is full of eye candy that will bring great relaxation to mind. Continue reading

Book Honeymoon Package for Goa in December

Things to do in Goa for Solo Traveler-Beaches

Goa offers you unlimited fun and delights. Goa is globally famous for its enchanting beaches, exotic wildlife, heritage and cultural beauty, Goa festival etc. It has lots of tourist attraction among which the beaches are the most preferred and most visited by the tourists. Continue reading

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing The Best Honeymoon Destinations

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So you have decided to get married, you realise that although the ceremony itself is a very important segment of your wedding, probably the most critical aspect to getting your married life off to a great start is the honeymoon and consequently the honeymoon destinations available. Continue reading

The Mesmerizing Maldives Holidays

Maldives Honeymoon Packages All Inclusive from India

Maldives is a very popular beach destination and one of the most beautiful Island countries in Asia. This beautiful country is amazingly draped in the hues of sea and sun, which is picturesquely located on the Indian Ocean. There are about 1200 small islands that are placed in the Indian Ocean. These islands are also known as pearls of the Indian Ocean. Out of these 1200 islands, only about one sixth of these are populated. The capital of Maldives is Male which is densely populated island whereas rest of the islands are scarcely populated. It is estimated that 88 islands of this country are luxury resorts which offer the visitors a wonderful stay and a dream come true experience. Continue reading

International Honeymoon Packages for A Wonderful Start of New Life

Cheapest Countries to Travel Internationally-Fiji

Marriage is a beautiful phase of life of anybody. With the world so much open for newly weds, traveling is a nice option to start this journey along with the person who is going to be your world for the rest of the life. All the hard work that comes packed with traditional marriage is materializes into giving second part of life that is marriage. One could avail good travel packages meant exclusively for honeymooning couples. These International honeymoon packages will take care of all your concerns of a foreign place and provide with you the solitude you look for at that time. So, where have you been planning to go on your honeymoon? Here are some suggestions on International honeymoon destinations you would love to go to. Continue reading